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The not good enough fallacy

A session by Emma Djemil
Impact Without Overwhelm, Be Unstoppable.

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Win a 1 hour coaching session during which we will focus in on an area where you feel you'd like to be more confident and give you an actionable step for overcoming it.

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About this session

Are you getting stopped before you've even started? Spending too much time second guessing your decisions and feeling out of your depth? Maybe you're comparing yourself to other people and feeling like you're coming up short. Wondering if you're good enough and feeling like you have to prove your worth?

I get it. I've been there, and I know how hard you're working just to keep up. I work with too many people fantastic people who are doubting themselves, and as much as there are external factors that need to change to give us the right framework to succeed within, this doubt stops us from being best placed to get what we really want for ourselves.

The first step in overcoming anything is awareness, right? That's why this session has been designed to help you:

Understand where self-doubt and your inner critic comes from using neuroscience as a basis for figuring out how to overcome it;

How our thinking creates our reality of the world, and therefore how we can think our way to a different experience of life;

Leave with practical, brain-friendly tips for overcoming your self-doubt and going on to unstoppably pursue what you really want.

The Not Good Enough Fallacy

Even more tips designed to help you: Make time for what makes you really happy; Ditch the comparisonitus and celebrate yourself; Focus on your strengths and love everything else.

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